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The Twelve Days of NoSQL: Day Eight: Oracle NoSQL Database

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
Eight maids a-milking.

(Yesterday: Schemaless Design)(Tomorrow: NoSQL Taxonomy)

In May 2011, Oracle Corporation published a scathing indictment of NoSQL, the last words being “Go for the tried and true path. Don’t be risking your data on NoSQL databases.” Just a few months later however, in September of that year, Oracle Corporation released Oracle NoSQL Database. Oracle removed the NoSQL criticism from its website but since information published on the internet is immortal, archived copies can be easily found if you know what you are looking for. In the white paper that accompanied the release of Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Corporation claimed that the demands of certain applications could not be met by mainstream database management systems:

“The Oracle NoSQL Database, with its “No Single Point of Failure” architecture, is the right solution when data access is “simple” in nature and application demands exceed the volume or latency capability of traditional data management solutions. For example, click-stream data from high volume web sites, high-throughput event processing and social networking communications all represent application domains that produce extraordinary volumes of simple keyed data. Monitoring online retail behavior, accessing customer profiles, pulling up appropriate customer ads and storing and forwarding real-time communication are examples of domains requiring the ultimate in low-latency access. Highly distributed applications such as real-time sensor aggregation and scalable authentication also represent domains well-suited to Oracle NoSQL Database.”

Oracle NoSQL Database has two features that distinguish it from other key-value stores.

  • A key is the concatenation of a “major key path” and a “minor key path.” All records with the same “major key path” will be colocated on the same storage node.
  • Oracle NoSQL provides transactional support for modifying multiple records with the same major key path.

Here are some resources to get you started with Oracle NoSQL Database:

  • The white paper on Oracle NoSQL Database v2.0; an updated version of the original September 2011 paper.
  • Installation instructions and a five-minute quickstart for Oracle NoSQL Database are at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/NOSQL/html/quickstart.html. It includes a “Hello World” teaching example illustrating the “put” and “get” function calls which are the basic operations in key-value stores.
final String keyString = "Hello";
final String valueString = "Big Data World!";
store.put(Key.createKey(keyString), Value.createValue(valueString.getBytes()));
final ValueVersion valueVersion = store.get(Key.createKey(keyString));
System.out.println(keyString + " " + new String(valueVersion.getValue().getValue()));
  • The Oracle NoSQL Database resource page on the Oracle Corporation website.

Also see: The Twelve Days of SQL: Day Eight: Statistics are a double-edged sword

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