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Ten more reasons not to attend the NoCOUG summer conference‏ on August 15

You’ve already read the “Top 12 reasons why you should not attend a NoCOUG conference.” Here are ten more to keep you away from the summer conference on Thursday, August 15 at Chevron in San Ramon.

#10 August 15 is a sacred day to you, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, a day to wind up the old gramophone again. (Yes, we know, Woodstock!)

#9 Sometimes you don’t want to go where everybody knows your name. (Sorry for being friendly, Oscar; we’ll scram now)

#8 You’re mad that whenever something reaches a state of perfection like Oracle Database 11gLarry immediately replaces it.

#7 You want to spite Larry and what better way than to avoid NoCOUG conferences? (We’re speechless)

#6 You’re amaxophobic and it’s too far to walk or bike (Try a pony next time)

#5 You’re still using Oracle 7 and loving it. (Ignorance is bliss, brother man)

#4 The more people you meet, the more you like your dog. (Anthropophobes of the world, unite!)

#3 You’ll scream if you hear “pluggable database” being plugged one more time. (Oops, we did it again)

#2 You agree with C. J. Date’s most excellent article in the latest NoCOUG Journal “No! to SQL and No! to NoCOUG.” (You actually read the NoCOUG Journal?)

But the #1 reason not to attend the NoCOUG conference on August 15 is:

#1 You blew your gas money on a big bet that Kate would have a baby girl!

Kindest regards,

The volunteers of your favorite Oracle user group

P.S. If you still want to attend the summer conference, please review the agenda and register at http://www.nocoug.org/rsvp.html.

Craig Shallahamer

One of the star cast of speakers at the summer conference. Click on the picture to find out who.

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