The NoSQL movement is forcing the issue and the time will soon come when we will no longer be forced to store structured non-transactional data in transactional database management systems in order to exploit the universe of indexing, partitioning, and clustering technologies and the full declarative power of relational languages (not just SQL). ETL and BI are the perfect candidates in waiting.

So Many Oracle Manuals, So Little Time

Whenever salespeople phone Mogens Norgaard, he puts them off by saying that he just doesn’t use the products that they are calling about.

When the office furniture company phones, he says “We don’t use office furniture.” When the newspaper company phones, he says “We don’t read newspapers.” When the girl scouts phone, he probably says “We don’t eat cookies.”

Once he got a phone call from the phone company.

You can only imagine how that conversation went. Read the whole story at

I wonder what Mogens would say if a database vendor phoned. I can imagine him saying “We don’t use databases. We don’t use indexes. We store all our data in compressed text files. Each compressed text file contains one year of data for one location. There is a separate subdirectory for each year. We have a terabyte of data going back to 1901 so we currently…

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