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Spectacular front cover picture (and articles) in the NoCOUG Journal‏

The front cover of the November issue of the NoCOUG Journal features a spectacular picture of a Bigleaf Maple in blue and purple fall colors taken by NoCOUG member Dave Abercrombie. Who knew that fall colors could be blue and purple? Dave swears that he did not Photoshop this picture.

But the inside of the Journal is just as spectacular as the outside. A very special treat is a reprint of the first chapter (Overview and Architecture) of Mark Rittman’s best-selling book on Oracle Business Intelligence published by McGraw Hill. Mark started writing the book in 2006 so it’s only taken him seven years to finish it. But it’s been well worth the wait as you’ll definitely agree after this excerpt.

Another very special treat is the results of the Third International NoCOUG Challenge. This time master sorcerer Lukasz Pluta (Poland) wows us with a wonderful Es-Cue-El spell to help the Wicked Witch of the West decide whom to invite to the Third Annual Witching and Wizarding Ball at Pythian Academy of Es-Cue-El and No-Es-Cue-El. Lukasz Pluta becomes the fifth knight of the August Order of the Wooden Pretzel, following in the footsteps of Alberto Dell’Era (Italy), Andre Araujo (Australia), Rob van Wijk (Netherlands), and Ilya Chuhnakov (Russia).

But I’m keeping you from reading the November issue. Click here to download it.

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