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Conference 100 Report: Pictures at an Exhibition

Babbage Difference Engine

Static electricity crackles as a museum volunteer cranks the Babbage Difference Engine. The engine can compute mathematical formulas with more accuracy than Microsoft Excel.

Conference #100 was a real blast; we smashed all attendance records. The sweetest accolade came from conference attendee Philip Rice of UC Santa Cruz who insisted on giving us his membership check for 2012! Thank you Philip and please join me for a beer summit at Conference #200 in 2026! Another sweet accolade came from performance maven Craig Shallahamer who wrote “I love speaking at NoCOUG; there are lots of really smart and inquisitive and full-of-energy attendees.” Please send us your pictures of Conference 100.

Click here to download the conference presentations. The presentation on Oracle Database Appliance is especially important. I am fully convinced that the ODA is in all our futures and that ODA usage will be the best predictor of database performance and availability in the years to come. Let us know if you would like us to repeat the ODA presentation at future conferences.

Thanks to everybody who made Conference 100 possible. Special thanks go to Quest Software whose sponsorship dollars made it possible to hold Conference 100 at Computer History Museum and Hanan Hit, the star closer on the NoCOUG team who competently handled logistics and catering and secured the win for NoCOUG. Click here to replay the Toad video that was played during the lunch break. Ribbit!

Click here to download the 100th issue of the NoCOUG Journal. It includes the 1970 paper on relational theory by Dr. Edgar Codd, a fascinating essay by Guy Harrison titled “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Oracle,” a thought-provoking interview with the high-priest of relational databases Professor Michael Stonebraker titled “Words as Hard as Cannon-Balls,” and the results of the Second International NoCOUG SQL Challenge.

Conference 100 created a lot of positive energy for the years to come. Please mark your calendars for Conference #101 on Thursday, February 23 at the Oracle conference center at 350 Oracle Parkway in Redwood City. My dearest wish is that Conference 101 have even more attendees than Conference 100. Please send us your comments and suggestions.

NoCOUG Board Members

Past and present board members reunite including six NoCOUG presidents. Longest-serving board member Joel Rosingana models the Conference 100 commemorative tote while journal editor Dave Abercrombie waves the 100th issue of the NoCOUG Journal.

Petit Fours

Close-up of one of the dessert trays provided by Extravaganza Catering. Can you say “petit fours?”

The raffle lady guards her stash of books and bears from O’Reilly, Oracle Press, and Apress

IBM 1401

Working IBM 1401 computer with 4 KB (!) of main memory modeled by debonair registration volunteer Kamran Rassouli

Quest Software booth

Toad 11 is simply the best say the signs at the Quest Software booth in the Hall of Fellows

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