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NoCOUG Needs Your Help

Dear NoCOUG Members and Friends,

As NoCOUG gets closer to completing 25 years of service to the Oracle community in Northern California, I would like us to reflect on what made the first 25 years possible and what will make the next 25 years possible. Nine reasons for NoCOUG’s longevity can be found in the picture below.

2011 Board of Directors. Back row, left to right: Chen Shapira, Dave Abercrombie, Naren Nagtode. Center row, left to right: Scott Alexander, Iggy Fernandez, Omar Anwar. Front row, left to right: Jen Hong, Randy Samberg, Hanan Hit. Not pictured: Eric Hutchinson.

NoCOUG would not have lasted 25 years without the dedicated effort of NoCOUG volunteers. As NoCOUG gets closer to completing 25 years of service, won’t you consider giving back to NoCOUG and helping us soldier on for another 25 years? There are three levels of commitment that you can choose from.

  • Become a board member. This is the highest level of commitment. There are eight board meetings a year. Board members also attend all four conferences and take on a major commitment such as Webmaster or Journal Editor. If this appeals to you, you should consider attending a few board meetings as an observer.
  • Actively help a board member. You can actively help a board member perform his or her duties but you don’t have to attend board meetings.
  • Help at conferences. You can help with activities such as registration and room monitoring at conferences.

Please contact us if you are willing to volunteer at NoCOUG. If you have other community commitments already, you can help NoCOUG in the following ways:

  • Become an annual member. Walk-ins are welcome at conferences but annual memberships are are very important for budgeting purposes. Click here to become an annual member.
  • Forward conference announcements. Spread the word to colleagues who will benefit from the educational and networking opportunities provided by NoCOUG.
  • Forward the NoCOUG Journal. The NoCOUG Journal contains thought-provoking content that cannot be found anywhere else. It clearly demonstrates the value of a NoCOUG membership.
  • Present at a conference. Share your knowledge with NoCOUG members by making a presentation at a conference. We actively encourage first-time speakers to take the plunge.

Kindest regards,

Iggy Fernandez
NoCOUG President


  • Jonathan Lewis will be delivering a two-day seminar at the Carr America Conference Center in Pleasanton on August 16 and 17. You will learn techniques for producing a well-tuned system on day one, how to spot classic performance problems, and measure their impact. Methods, workarounds, and tricks for dealing with classic performance problems will be covered. Click here for more details and to register. NoCOUG members get a hefty discount.
  • Jonathan Lewis will deliver the keynote address at NoCOUG Conference #99 at the Chevron campus in San Ramon. In his introduction to Jonathan Lewis’ book Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals, Oracle guru Tom Kyte says: “One of the reasons [Chapter 7] is my favorite chapter is because I still remember hearing this chapter for the first time (not reading it, hearing it). It was about three years ago, at the NoCOUG (Northern California Oracle User Group) Meeting. I attended Jonathan’s Histograms session and, for the first time, felt that I truly understood how histograms worked in Oracle.” If Tom Kyte benefited from listening to Jonathan Lewis at a NoCOUG conference, then you will too.
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