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Storage Seminar by James Morle at NoCOUG (Announcement)

Would you like to gain a better understanding about the storage tier and be able to communicate well with your storage administration colleagues when there are problems? Then don’t miss this 2-day storage seminar by James Morle on May 17 and May 18 at NoCOUG. It will focus on the component of the database platform that is probably the least understood – the storage tier. The storage tier is often shrouded in mystery, frequently managed by other teams, and more often than not performing very badly. This will be a rare opportunity for you to learn from a storage expert. James Morle is the founder of Scale Abilities Ltd. and an Oracle and systems architecture consultant with 18 years’ experience in high-end Oracle implementations and over 25 years in professional computing. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book Scaling Oracle8i, which is now available for free download, and one of the founders of the OakTable Network.

This 2-day seminar will cover the following topics:

Day One Day Two
Unit 1 – Fundamentals: Memory hierarchy, latency, bandwidth Unit 1 – The server view of I/O
Unit 2 – Connectivity: Fibre Channel and Ethernet Unit 2 – How Oracle does I/O – Part 1
Unit 3 – The physics of disk storage Unit 3 – How Oracle does I/O – Part 2
Unit 4 – The anatomy of a storage array Unit 4 – Flash disruption and the return of the memory hierarchy

Click here to register. Register by April 9 to receive the early-bird pricing.

Early-Bird Pricing (Until April 9) Regular Pricing
$700 for NoCOUG members $800 for NoCOUG members
$1050 for non-members $1200 for non-members

Click here to read an interview with James Morle in the NoCOUG Journal. Here is an excerpt:

You’ve been giving a presentation titled “Sane SAN” for over 10 years now. Reading your blog, it looks like you mostly talk about the insanity that SAN can introduce into your database architecture. Is disk the main cause of poor performance? Did it get better or worse in the 10 years that you’ve been talking about this issue?

I wrote Sane SAN because I frequently encounter poor-performing storage infrastructure when helping out my customers. I have tremendous sympathy for the embattled DBA trying to wring more performance from an underperforming SAN for many, many reasons. Some of those reasons are highlighted in my writing, but often the biggest hurdle of all is plain and simple politics. I’m not just talking about internal politics – I was at a customer site this week to kick off a storage performance workshop where there were 14 people in the room, including the sales guy from the vendor. That’s a bad start. Disk is certainly not the main cause of poor performance: ignorance is. The problem with storage is that it is frequently presented as a black box, thus aggravating the ignorance problem. And on this aspect alone we are as badly off as we have ever been.

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