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NoCOUG Hall of Fame

The NoCOUG Journal is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2011. Old issues dating back to 2001 are available online. My favorite articles are the interviews. Here are a couple of memorable quotes.

In FeuerThoughts, Steven Feuerstein said “SQL is not a complete language. Some people can perform seeming miracles with straight SQL, but the statements can end up looking like pretzels created by someone who is experimenting with hallucinogens. We need more than SQL to build our applications, whether it is the implementation of business rules or application logic.”

In Asking Jeremiah, Jeremiah Wilton said “Of far greater importance than seniority is a DBA’s ability to solve problems in a deductive and logical manner, to synthesize creative solutions to problems, and to forge positive and constructive business relationships with colleagues and clients. For years at Amazon, we simply tried to hire extraordinarily smart people with a strong interest in working with Oracle and others. Some of Amazon’s most senior DBAs started with little or no Oracle experience. I believe that the focus on experience in specific technologies and seniority causes employers to pay more and get less than they could when filling DBA positions.”

Feb 2011 James Morle Sane SAN
Nov 2010 Charles Hooper Failure Is Not An Option
May 2010 Alex Gorbachev Battle Against Any Guess
Feb 2010 Guy Harrison Spotlight on Tuning
Nov 2009 Brian Hitchcock Plain Speaking
Aug 2009 Tanel Poder Great Expectations
May 2009 Karen Morton Fresh Perspectives
Feb 2009 Bert Scalzo Spotlight on Oracle
Nov 2008 Jonathan Lewis Everybody Loves Jonathan
Aug 2008 Cary Millsap Nullius in Verba—Questioning Method R
May 2008 Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha Gaja Unleashed
Nov 2011 Jeremiah Wilton Asking Jeremiah
May 2007 Craig Shallahamer Fireside Chat
Feb 2007 Juan Loaiza Q&A
Nov 2006 Steve Lemme Listen Up!
Aug 2006 Steven Feuerstein Feuerthoughts
May 2006 Bill Schwimmer Down Memory Lane
Feb 2006 Venkat Devraj The Present and Future of Database Administration
May 2005 Chris Date Relational Database Theory for a Solid Foundation
Feb 2005 Jonathan Lewis Practically Speaking
Nov 2004 Craig Shallahamer Grids Are Not Just for Data
Aug 2004 Tom Kyte One-on-One
May 2004 Cary Millsap Profiling Oracle Performance Expertise
Feb 2004 Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha A Conversation
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