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Conference Announcement: How to Become a Rock Star DBA

Dear NoCOUG Members and Friends,

Have you always wanted to be a Rock Star DBA? Here’s how.

  1. RSVP now for the NoCOUG Summer conference on Thursday, August 19 at the Chevron campus in San Ramon.
  2. Harvest the knowledge from numerous technical presentations by Oracle gurus such as performance-tuning expert Craig Shallahamer.
  3. Participate in the free raffle for a chance to win a copy of Become a Rock Star DBA by Thomas LaRock.
  4. Go back to your workplace and put LaRock’s advice to good use!

Here’s what our book reviewer Dave Abercrombie has to say about LaRock’s book in the upcoming issue of the NoCOUG Journal.

“I am convinced that the biggest issues that confront database professionals are not technical but instead are related to communication. If you cannot communicate your idea, then it doesn’t really matter how clever it is. Also, if your own mind is closed to new ideas from others, then you will not be able to truly engage with your work. I was intrigued about a book for DBAs that shares my respect for the need for good communication.

Why should an Oracle DBA be interested in this book when its few technical examples are all for Microsoft SQL Server, not Oracle? Because LaRock offers sage advice for the significant nontechnical parts of our jobs. His focus on communication, business protocols, career growth, and selling yourself is unique and refreshing.

Although LaRock’s target audience is someone just starting a DBA career, his advice provides general benefits, and it can be especially valuable for those who hire DBAs. LaRock’s chapter on starting a new job was especially intriguing: I’ll bet that many of us have yet to do all of the things it suggests for the first week on a job!”

LaRock emphasizes training. Since training includes attending conferences and reading journals, you, dear reader, are already following some his advice! Dave and I would like to personally invite you to attend the NoCOUG Summer Conference. Please review the agenda and RSVP now.

Iggy Fernandez
Editor, NoCOUG Journal

Dave Abercrombie
Book Reviewer, NoCOUG Journal

NoCOUG conferences and the NoCOUG Journal are made possible in part by the generous support of companies such as Confio Software. Confio’s Ignite for Oracle is a powerful SQL monitoring tool that identifies, analyzes, and resolves database performance problems affecting applications running on Oracle. Ignite captures detailed data about response time, queries, sessions, and server resources and then mines the data for historical trends, correlates problems, and exposes anomalies. Ignite is available for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2. Visit the Confio website to download a free Ignite for Oracle trial or watch an interactive demo.

Pictures of the Spring Conference

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