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Conference Report: NoCOUG Winter Conference

I enjoyed the NoCOUG winter conference a lot. I joined Dr. Neil Gunther for lunch and debated the The Case For Shared Nothing with him. Have I mentioned that Dr.Gunther is the subject of his own Wikipedia article? At the networking event after the conference, I made new friends and had animated discussions on why all the IT jobs went to India, the value of certifications, how to interview a DBA, how to lay off a DBA, and how to run multiple databases with the same ORACLE_SID from the same account on the same server; all great subjects for future blog posts!

Ahbaid Gaffoor took lots of pictures of the conference; my favorite is the Meditating Journal Editor! In a few days, most of the presentations should have been posted on the NoCOUG downloads page.

And, in a few days, I’ll be in Denver for the RMOUG conference along with fellow NoCOUG member Chen Shapira.

Wed 03:45 PM Room 207 Iggy Fernandez DBA 101: In Defense of Statspack
Thu 11:45 AM Room 103 Chen Shapira What Every DBA Should Know About TCP/IP Networks
Thu 04:00 PM Room 104 Chen Shapira Analyzing Oracle Performance Using Time Series Models
Thu 04:00 PM Room 201 Iggy Fernandez SQL 101: Recursive Common Table Expressions in Oracle Database 11gR2
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