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Advertisement: Complimentary issue of the NoCOUG Journal for year 2009 members

Dear NoCOUG members and friends,

The NoCOUG Journal is one of the exclusive benefits of membership in NoCOUG. Please renew early to continue getting the Journal and streamline your conference registration. For year 2009 members who have not yet renewed for 2010, the winter issue of the NoCOUG Journal is complimentary. We know you plan to renew.

In this issue, we have a great interview with Guy Harrison, author of the newly released Oracle Performance Survival Guide and proponent of “tuning by layers.” Dave Abercrombie then reviews Harrison’s book for us in great detail and concludes that: “Guy Harrison’s new book has a very ambitious scope: it addresses all aspects of Oracle performance, from data model and application design through traditional query tuning and database configuration—all the way down to disk subsystem design. As it takes the reader step by step through these layers, Harrison’s book demonstrates the wisdom of tuning the higher layers first before proceeding down into the lower layers.” There’s all this and much more in this issue of the NoCOUG Journal.

Most Oracle Database professionals will benefit a lot from attending a NoCOUG conference in 2010. In an interview for the NoCOUG Journal, Jeremiah Wilton said:

“Compared to high-priced national conferences, local user groups like NoCOUG provide [Oracle Database professionals] with affordable access not only to their peers in the local community, but also to well-respected authors and speakers from the global Oracle community. Local user groups are also a great way to keep up with how other people are solving problems, and what technologies are emerging. It is hard to remain good in a field when you are in a bubble. Local user group membership and attendance gets you out of your company bubble and exposes you to new ideas and trends.”

I hope you agree and I hope to see you at the winter conference on Thursday, February 11 at the CarrAmerica conference center in Pleasanton. Please review the conference agenda and RSVP today if you haven’t already.

All the very best,

Iggy Fernandez,
NoCOUG Journal Editor

NoCOUG conferences and the NoCOUG Journal are made possible in part by the generous support of companies such as Enteros. Enteros provides a suite of Production Performance Management software solutions for traditional infrastructure and cloud computing environments that allows companies to maximize their IT investments, support business agility and enable growth. The company’s software solutions are valued throughout the world’s most demanding and dynamic industries by IT executives, operations, business management and DBAs to identify, diagnose, and resolve performance issues across platforms, computing architectures and applications to guarantee the highest levels of productivity, reducing risk and costs, while ensuring greater customer satisfaction.

Everyones’s a winner at NoCOUG. Raffle prizes at the 2009 Summer Conference included a full pass to Oracle OpenWorld.

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